“A cup of value, for a time of value.” - Not only focusing on roasting and brewing, but also on cultivation, purification and farm; every step that has to do with the cup. GLITCH provides a cup of value that brings out the personality of the coffee beans, in Jimbocho, where the classic Japanese coffee culture deeply roots.

Mr. Suzuki, the owner barista of GLITCH, has trained under the world barista champion Paul Basset for a good 10 years, where he mastered from the knowledge as a barista to the skills for roasting. Never stopping to face coffee stoically, he has won the Japan Aeropress Championship in 2014, and also got the license of the SCAA Q Grader.

The second chance to enjoy the cup that many people also loved at SCF2016: Don’t miss out his “cup of value”!

3-16 Nishikicho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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