Shipping Information

Shipping Information


To make sure we provide you a fresh coffee, we’re setting a shipping schedule like bellow.

  1. Purchases between date 26 and 10, we would ship by date 17 every months.
  2. Purchases between date 11 and 25, we would ship by date 3 every months.

Please note that sometimes this schedule might change because of the traffic condition, and the roasting schedule that each roaster sets.

We do have some limited editions depends on seasons. We are going to ship the products as soon as possible and let you know through our website.

Cargo Trucking

We are using an international mailing system from Japan Post and the shipping days are approximately 6 to 11 days. Please note that this can be changed depend on the region and the country.

You can check the shipping fare from our purchasing page after you enter your address.


The payment would be accepted by following credit card.

Return Policy

We are very careful with our inspections. However if there is any issue with our products please contact us in 3 days after its arrival.
Due to the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences.

If the product was damaged or had any other problems, we would like to ask you to take photos and inform us details as well. If the problem was because of the manufacture, we would like to ask you to return the defective product to our office. We are going to ship the new one as soon as possible.

Coffee beans are fresh foods. We cannot accept any exchanges or returns unless if the product was not the right one.

We will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns bellow.

  • Customers' personal preferences.
  • When the product was different than the customer thought without reading the item description carefully.
  • If the customer kept returning for many times.
  • The product after it’s used.
  • A damage or any problems because of the customers’ inattention.
  • Returning after 4 days past after the product’s arrival.

Please let us know if there is any problem, and please note that we cannot accept any exchanges or returns if they weren’t informed.

Thank you for your understanding.