ROKUMEI COFFEE Guatemala El Injerto I Bourbon

ROKUMEI COFFEE Guatemala El Injerto I Bourbon
  • ¥1,100

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REGION: Huehuetenango
VARIETY: Bourbon 100%
ALTITUDE: 1,500~2,000m
PROCESS: Fully Washed
ROAST: Light Roast


Grape, Plum, Apple, Red Wine, Juicy Smooth mouthfeel


ROKUMEI COFFEE CO. is a roaster that only handles high-quality specialty coffee beans. We installed the rolling smart roaster, and produce clean and sweet coffee. Our mission is to spread happiness through specialty coffee. We want to realize the happiness of every one person that engage “from seed to cup”.

The roaster, Mr. Koji Ida won JCRC(Japan Coffee Roasting Championship) 2018 this year.

The origin of the name “ROKUMEI COFFEE CO.” 

“ROKUMEI” means “crying deer”, which comes from a classic poem of China. It describes the deer’ peaceful living, crying at each other and enjoying mugwort in the field. The deer in the Nara prefecture are loved by people too, and makes the visitor’s mind peaceful. We wanted the shop to become a place where someone calls the another, and named it this way.


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